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Where Do Bed Bugs Come From


We come across this question rather frequently. People constantly ask where bed bugs come from. The mere mention of “bed bugs” is generally enough to cause most people to shiver dramatically, their minds racing with images of costly treatment and recurrent infestation. How Bed bugs Got The Name Their propensity to hide in beds and … Read more

Do bed bugs fly or jump

do bedbugs fly or jump

Do bed bugs fly or jump Have you previously questioned whether a little, leaping bug on your mattress was a bed bug? A leaping bug typically means you have fleas, however, that raises the following queries: If so, do they jump? How do I stop bed bugs from spreading? These are the most frequently asked … Read more

Effects of Bed Bugs on Human Health

effects of bed bugs on human health

For many people throughout the world, bed bugs can pose a bit of a nightmare, especially if effective bed bug solutions aren’t used. The psychological and physical toll on everyone affected by a bed bug infestation in a house or apartment can be devastating. We’ve discussed bed bugs and how to deal with infestations in … Read more

What Does Bed Bug Bites Look Like On Arms

What does bed bug bites look like on arms 

Although bed bugs and humans have coexisted since the dawn of time, their ages are practically identical. Due to the fact that bed bugs are parasites of humans, they do not spread diseases. What does a bed bug bite look like on arms? The bed bugs do not give their human food sources anything that could … Read more

How to Get Rid of Bed Bug Bites Overnight

how to get rid of bed bug bites overnight

How to get rid of bed bug bites overnight The most bothersome insects, bed bugs, prefer to hide in warm, cozy places like beds, bed sheets, couches, leather goods, carpets, rugs, and clothing. If not properly treated, these bugs’ minor bite marks on people could develop into allergic reactions. Although bed bug bites can cause … Read more

Best Bed Bug Killer Powder

best bed bug killer powder

Bed bugs are annoying pests that  are prevalent throughout the world, generating a variety of problems in households, negatively disrupting sleep and affecting mental health, and possibly necessitating the use of expensive remedies and replacement materials. The recommended remedy for bed bugs is prevention, but because we frequently don’t find an infestation until it’s too … Read more

How Long Does Baking Soda Take To Kill Bed Bugs

baking soda man inspecting bed bugs

How Long Does Baking Soda Take To Kill Bed Bugs One of the most bothersome pests that can invade your home is the presence of bed bugs, especially if they disturb your sound sleep. Baking soda, however, is not an effective method for killing bed bugs.  While it is a natural substance that can be … Read more

Strongest Bed Bug Killer

strongest bed bug killer

Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. They can be found in a variety of settings, including homes, apartments, hotels, and other buildings. What is the strongest bed bug killer? If you have a bed bug infestation, it’s important to use the most effective control methods to … Read more

What Chemical Kills Bed Bugs and Their Eggs in Nigeria

What chemical kills bed bugs and their eggs in nigeria

What chemical kills bed bugs and their eggs in Nigeria When bed bugs invade your house, you may be at a loss for how to get rid of them. Bed bug infestation can be such a nightmare. They are among the most difficult pests to eradicate because they reproduce swiftly and spread widely.  If bed … Read more

Professional Bed Bug Chemicals


Although the EPA has approved 300 different pesticide products, they all come under one of seven chemical categories. Diverse chemical classes have different mechanisms of action for dealing with bed bug issues.  Utilizing insecticides with various mechanisms of action can reduce the likelihood that the pests will evolve resistance. Each of the more well-known chemical … Read more