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Can Dettol kill bed bugs

Most of the time, a disinfectant spray has the potential to kill bed bugs directly upon contact and with a sufficient quantity. But can Dettol kill bed bugs? Even though the strong exoskeleton of bed bugs can withstand the majority of active substances, the rest of the bed bug’s body isn’t as resistant. This results in the bed bug dying quickly in a matter of seconds or minutes.

can dettol kill bed bugs

What is Dettol?

The reliable and efficient condensed antiseptic disinfectant. Dettol kills bacteria and offers defense against microorganisms that can lead to infection and disease. For a thorough and ultra-hygienic clean, use Dettol on floors and other hard surfaces around the house!

What are the best chemicals to kill bed bugs?

How is Dettol used to kill bed bugs?

Does Dettol disinfectant spray kill bed bugs? Dettol is not an insecticide. Having said that, applying Dettol straight to bed bugs or utilizing it in combination with other effective treatments can aid in bed bug elimination.

The application of Dettol by spraying on bed bugs directly may not be effective. Due to their extreme shyness, these insects prefer to hide in concealed, dark spaces like bed cracks and crevices. They are very difficult to discover and reside in mattresses.

We recommend spraying directly on bed bugs if:

  • they are clearly visible
  • you know where they hide.

Disinfectants can only promote the decrease in very small dimensions; they cannot eradicate an entire bed bug infestation.

Active Ingredient in Dettol 

Application of Dettol liquid antiseptic

  • Cleaning of Wounds
  • General Housekeeping 
  • Dandruff
  • Spots & Pimples 
  • General Personal Hygiene

Does Dettol kill bed bug eggs?

When applied at home, the concentrations of Dettol cannot pass through the membrane of bedbug eggs. However, finding every egg and dousing it with Dettol in order to reach the eggs does not sound good.

What kills bed bugs

Unfortunately, employing Dettol may not be the ideal method for getting rid of bed bugs. However, you can follow these instructions to get rid of a mild bed bug infestation:

  • Your pillowcases, clothes, blankets, and sheets should be removed and isolated. Spray them liberally and put them in a plastic bag.
  • The bedsheets should be loaded into the washing machine or basin and washed on the highest heat setting with your regular detergent. The sheets should be placed outside to dry.
  • While you wait for the bedding to dry, treat your bedroom with Dettol. Clean any furnishings in your room with hot water and Dettol solution. Don’t forget to tidy the space under your bed. Spray copious amounts of Dettol spray all around the upholstered space.
  • Your mattress should be raised off of your bed and placed upright. Give your box spring a generous coating of the disinfectant as well. Open the windows and let the space air dry.
  • Your bedroom’s carpets should be vacuumed. To ensure that any bed bugs hiding in the center of the mattress die, take additional precautions by purchasing an airtight plastic bed cover and sealing your mattress for a period. Put the wet sheets back on the mattress after they are dry.

Will spraying diluted Dettol on plants with a mealybug infestation kill mealybugs?

It is not suggested to spray diluted Dettol on plants with a mealybug infestation. Although Dettol is a powerful disinfectant for skin and surfaces, it should not be used on plants. Dettol includes compounds that may hurt plants and injure their leaves and stems.

Furthermore, given that mealybugs are pesticide-resistant, applying Dettol to plants may not always result in their eradication. It is preferable to employ natural controls for mealybugs, such as the introduction of predatory species or the application of neem oil.

I would be concerned that the disinfectant might be too potent and could harm the leaves’ cuticles. In my experience, a soap-and-water mix works best against mealy bugs.

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If a homeowner is uneasy with this do-it-yourself method to get rid of bed bugs, they should seek a specialist in bed bug extermination. A professional can swiftly determine whether bed bugs are present and how bad of an infestation it is. They will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to eradicate bed bugs from both visible and difficult-to-reach regions of the house. Subsequently, an expert can assist in managing steps taken to prevent further infestations.

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