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How to Prevent Mosquito Bites Without Repellents

You’re not completely vulnerable just because summertime activities will probably involve insects. We conducted research on how to prevent mosquito bites without repellents throughout the season in order to protect you and your family.

how to prevent mosquito bites without repellents

Why mosquitoes are attracted to you

Mosquitoes going in search of food items from the nectar of various plants is of course not the reason they suck blood.

Mosquitoes are in search of something sweet when they need energy — the sugary nectar of various plants, for instance — that’s not the reason for their blood-sucking.

Generally, mosquito preference toward a particular person depends on some factors – the amount or type of mosquito attractants the person releases, or a combination of both. There are many factors that contribute to this, much of which is likely largely determined by your genetics. Learn more about why mosquitoes are attracted to you:

Blood, sweat, and beers

Certain blood types, specifically Type O, are particularly attractive to mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are attracted by more than just blood type, though. You can attract mosquitoes if you’re perspiring or have consumed a few alcoholic beverages.

Carbon dioxide

Mosquitos use an organ called a maxillary palp, which has a range of 164 feet, to smell the carbon dioxide released in their breath in order to locate their prey. This is one of the main methods by which mosquitoes locate their prey.

Therefore, it has been demonstrated that larger individuals—who typically exhale more gas over time—attract more mosquitoes than other individuals. Children generally get sick a little less frequently than adults for this reason.

Lotions, Perfumes, and Colognes

Mosquitoes may find you more alluring if you have certain fragrances on. Which fragrances are they? It usually refers to any floral odor. Mosquitoes, after all, are drawn to sweet plant nectar as well as blood, which is just one of their many natural predators. Even If you enjoy wearing floral-scented perfumes, you might want to abstain if you’re going to be spending the day outside.

Clothing Color

Mosquitoes are drawn to darker colors, so when you’re outside, try dressing in brighter colors to lessen your risk of attracting them.

What does a mosquito bite look like?

Mosquito bites appear as puffy and reddish bumps on the skin within a few minutes after the bite. However, you may notice some other symptoms or signs of a mosquito bite in areas such as the face, legs, and neck. The other signs may include:

  • Small blisters instead of hard bumps
  • Dark spots that look like bruises

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What can I take orally to prevent mosquito bites

Truth be told, if there was support for mosquito bite-blocking claims associated with food and drink, there would be countless companies marketing these products and I have little doubt topical insect repellents would disappear from our supermarket shelves. The chief reason is products marketed as oral insect repellents are not recognized by some government agencies.

How to prevent mosquito bites without repellents

Stocking up on the right repellent is only the first step in preventing a painfully itchy mosquito bite. Additionally, there are other measures you may take to prevent mosquito bites without using repellents. They are listed below:

Install physical barriers

The best way to prevent mosquito bites is via physical barriers. In order to keep mosquitoes out, install screens on your windows, doors, tents, and recreational vehicles. You should also cover children’s cribs, play areas, and baby carriers with fine mesh.

Wear pants tucked into socks

Although it may seem odd, it’s actually one of your strongest protections against insect bites. If you plan on spending the day in the woods or outdoors, try this method. It will save you from mosquito bites without needing insect repellent(s).

Make yourself less appealing

Some habits make you susceptible and appealing to mosquitoes. Such habits include consuming a 12-ounce drink, emitting more carbon dioxide. These habits increase your chances of attracting mosquitoes because they increase your body odor.

Avoid mosquito hours as much as you can

Just like you, mosquitoes crave a meal like you, they get hungry at particular times of the day. And for these creatures, it frequently happens between twilight and dawn.

The wind usually dies down when the sun rises and sets, which stimulates mosquitoes to emerge and feed. Staying indoors during warm weather periods is a sure way to avoid mosquito bites.

Wear tightly woven, light-colored clothes/long clothes

Tightly woven clothing is impermeable to mosquitoes. While often not the best defense against mosquito bites, cotton, and linen are. Many synthetic fibers, especially those used in high-tech sporting clothing, are typically woven tightly enough to keep out bugs. Any sun-protective clothing will have a tight enough weave to keep mosquitoes away.

Additionally, mosquitoes use their vision during the day to look for sources of sustenance. Dark colors pop out, however light colors are less enticing to them since they fly quite close to the ground.

Sleep under a mosquito net

If you’re outside or there aren’t any screened rooms available, sleep with a mosquito net over your head. Mosquitoes are able to dwell indoors and can bite both day and night.

Prior to heading abroad, order a mosquito net online or at your neighborhood outdoor retailer.

Use fans

Mosquitoes are known to be more active at night and in the early hours of the morning. At this time there is less wind. By using fans to circulate the air, you can reduce your risk of being bitten by mosquitoes because it makes it difficult for them to fly close to you. A fan should be turned on when you are sitting on the porch.

Get rid of standing water

People should get rid of anything that can collect water in their nearby surroundings because these distinct mosquitoes breed in stagnant water found in plant pots, old tires, buckets, and trash cans. 

The chemicals used to maintain swimming pool safety also deter mosquitoes. Finding every mosquito breeding site conceivable requires some serious inspection. Eliminating any sources of standing water can significantly lower the mosquito population.

Individuals are responsible for making their own backyards secure. And as much of their surroundings as possible, including their front yards. There will be fewer mosquitoes as long as more individuals perform this type of simple cleanup. Although it won’t be ideal, you’ll significantly reduce the number of mosquito bites.


It’s impossible to completely avoid mosquito bites during the summer or even in the early fall because they breed best in hot, moist climates. If you live close to water or spend a lot of time outside, this is certainly relevant. But by taking some straightforward safety measures, you might perhaps reduce your danger, or at the least, enjoy the remaining days of summer more.

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