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Are Mosquito Repellents Safe for Dogs

Dogs can also be harmed by mosquito bites, which are a problem that extends beyond simple itching and discomfort. But are mosquito repellents safe for dogs? The disease caused by heartworms is most frequently spread via mosquitoes.

are mosquito repellents safe for dogs

Dogs can use a variety of available insect repellents, but not all of the products are suitable for your dogs to use around them. It’s important to always keep in mind that dogs are very different from people; even relatively safe chemicals, plants, and ingredients can be harmful to our four-legged pals. Dogs enjoy rolling, sniffing, and licking things, so anything near or on your pet could wind up being inhaled or swallowed.

Do mosquitoes bite dogs 

Dogs do get bitten by mosquitoes. They don’t simply leave behind skin that itches, either. Mosquitoes play a significant role in the transmission of numerous infectious diseases, including West Nile Virus in humans and heartworm disease in pets. 

The development of the heartworm larvae would not occur without the mosquito, which is actually crucial to the life cycle of the parasite.

Heartworm prevention will protect your pet, but dogs still have to deal with mosquito irritations. Dogs might still develop painful, uncomfortable welts from mosquito bites. 

That being said, dogs should never be exposed to mosquito repellents made for people. Instead, check for repellents made especially for dogs.

Are mosquito repellents safe for dogs 

Heartworm and West Nile are only two of the devastating diseases that mosquitoes spread. Dog owners want to provide the best protection for their dogs, but many of them are unsure if using human mosquito repellent on their dogs is safe.

The two compounds that are most frequently found in insect repellent for people are DEET and picaridin, both of which can result in nausea, dizziness, irritability, and seizures. This is why after using bug spray, you shouldn’t allow your dog to lick your skin.

The components in DIY mosquito repellent that can be found online are frequently dangerous for dogs. The best course of action is to only use dog-specific products.

What is the best mosquito repellent for dogs

Dogs don’t need to be sprayed with an entire can of mosquito repellent to be protected from insects as humans do. Dogs should avoid using human mosquito repellent because of its hazardous ingredients. You should choose one of the following three alternatives instead:

1. Pet repellent: Local pet shops sell repellents made especially for dogs to use against mosquitoes

There are safe dog repellent choices available from each. Even though the cost varies, it effectively wards off mosquitoes.

2. Homemade Repellent – There are many different techniques for making a secure, homemade dog repellent. Simple components that are effective against pests and safe for pets can be used to produce your own insect repellents if you are ready to put some money and time into it. Here is an easy DIY recipe for dog mosquito repellant.

Put the mixture in a spray bottle for simple application after thoroughly combining the ingredients. Your dog’s size should be reflected in the size of the spray container 

3. Essential Oils – Just like with humans, dogs can reap a number of advantages from using essential oils. One of them is keeping mosquitoes off of their clothing.

Are all excellent canine mosquito repellents that use essential oils. Additionally, if your dog has already been bitten, essential oils help ease the discomfort and itching.

Always keep an eye on your dog’s behavior when applying insect spray to prevent them from licking the spray off. Before applying the product to your dog’s complete body, patch test it on a small area to ensure there won’t be an adverse reaction.


Dogs can be kept healthy for years to come with the help of mosquito repellent. However, there are situations when retail brands and homemade cures are the only options. Making sure your house is safeguarded with the best possible pest control services is crucial for this reason. With the use of our tested pest control techniques, our team of skilled specialists can help reduce future bug bites for both you and your pet.