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How to Get Rid of Flies Without Killing Them


Flies aren’t just bothersome because they swarm in your face constantly. They also signal the presence of diseases including cholera, dysentery, tuberculosis, typhoid, and others. Let’s examine how to get rid of flies without killing them.

Even if you might not want them in your house, killing them is not necessarily what you should do. 

There are several ways to get rid of flies in your home without getting your hands dirty, whether you’re opposed to killing a fly because you’re concerned about spreading infections or you simply dislike the ethical ramifications of killing another living thing.

What brings about flies? 

Why are there apparently so many flies in your home? Flies are opportunistic insects with keen senses of smell. Flies can literally breed in any warm environment that has rotting, decaying food, ripe fruits (fruit flies), pet waste, or dirty diapers.

What do flies look like?

Fly breeds come in a variety, and they all have distinctive qualities of their own. The size of adult flies can vary significantly in color and can be anywhere between 1/16 inch and beyond 3/4 inch. 

However, there are some physical traits that apply to all fly breeds. The fact that a fly only has one set of wings makes it one of the most distinctive physical features of a fly and helps you positively identify it from the majority of other flying pests.

What determines their method of entry 

It’s common for some flies to enter during door openings and closings. However, if your home is overrun with flies, you need to identify their entry point. Look for tears in your window screens, and fix or replace any that are broken. 

Next, check the caulking on all of the windows and doors. It could be the case if you haven’t recaulked in a while. In order to keep flies out of your home, check the weather stripping around your doors and make any required changes or repairs.

How do you get them to go back outside—and remain outside—despite experts’ warnings not to harm them? 

How to get rid of flies without killing them

Fortunately, getting rid of flies and other flying insects can be done in a number of non-harmful ways. Continue reading to discover how to capture flies without killing them. By doing this, you will have the choice to relocate the flies rather than simply put an end to their existence.

To keep flies at bay, use plants. 

Traditional cures indicate that flies react negatively to the scents of herbs like basil, lemongrass, mint, and lavender, so if you want to follow the natural approach and get rid of flies without killing them, consider using those. The herbs can be planted around your house as foundation plantings or placed in flower pots next to your external doors.

Make an all-natural fly spray.  

A teaspoon of cayenne or chili pepper can be combined with a few hundred milliliters of water. Spray the fluid on the flies after placing it in a spray bottle. It shouldn’t damage them, but they will detest it and run away (perhaps toward the open windows).

By using lights to your advantage. 

Getting them outside at various light levels is the most effective and fly-safe way. The way that flies are drawn to lights and away from darkness is similar to the way that moths are. Thus, opening your doors and windows, turning off the lights in the space, and turning off the TV if it’s still on are the safest ways to get rid of a fly, bee, or wasp that is buzzing about your TV or lamp at night. This will make it simpler to chase or waft the flies outside again because they will leave to follow the light.

Make a DIY fly trap 

Get a two-liter plastic drink bottle that is empty. Trim off the top third (often where the top of the label once was) and reserve it. Then, add something tasty to the bottle’s bottom to entice the flies. Juice, soda, or sugar water may be effective. 

Next, flip the bottle upside down, place the top inside the bottom part (close the borders with tape if necessary), and then wait. The flies can enter the trap but cannot escape. Once they enter, take the bottle of soda outside and release them.

To drive flies away, turn on the fans.

It’s usually simple to get rid of flies without harming them. Not everything that is sold in pest control stores is necessary. The fan you already have at home may be all you ever need.

Flys are little, flimsy flyers. You can blow them away with just a little wind resistance. Using a fan to create wind resistance is the simplest and most practical method. All you have to do is switch on the fans and let them wreak havoc on the flies. To give the flies an opportunity to flee, make sure your doors and windows are open. However, be cautious about leaving your home’s entryways unlocked for too long to prevent inviting additional pests in.


There are numerous approaches you can use to keep flies away without harming them. Making humane fly traps allows you to collect flies and then release them outside.

Additionally, attempting to shoo the flies back outside is not difficult. Using plants that they dislike will also deter them from approaching.

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