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Can Bed Bugs Kill You

Can bed bugs kill you? Good night. Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite! You’ve probably heard this expression countless times without ever giving bed bugs further consideration. Up until the day you discover them in your bed.

can bed bugs kill you

If these disgusting little creatures invade your home, it can be quite frustrating and painful. You’ll want to get rid of them as soon as possible because they leave behind tiny, irritating bites on your skin and make you feel unhygienic. Contrary to popular belief, bed bugs are really more prevalent.

Bed bugs as a threat

Contrary to popular belief, anyone can become infested with bed bugs. The main cause of bed bugs is thought to be unhygienic behavior.

Researchers found that bed bugs can have a wide range of adverse consequences and comorbid conditions. Although bed bugs can transport human infections, there is no evidence that their bites can cause these viruses to spread to humans.

Can bed bugs kill you?

Despite being present, bed bugs do not endanger human health. It is improbable that bed bugs might kill a person. Even though bed bug bites don’t always result in illness for the victim, there are still certain unfavorable health effects you could encounter.

Additionally, each person’s bed bug bite is unique and typically doesn’t pose a serious threat to health. However, bed bugs may result in severe allergic reactions, necessitating medical attention.

Can bed bug bites kill you

Although bed bug bites themselves are not hazardous to people, their impact can lead to health issues like lack of sleep and anemia from blood loss. Small open wounds from repeated itching may not seem serious, but if the area is not treated, bacteria and germs can enter and lead to an infection.

Some signs of a bacterial skin infection include sensitive spots that are warm to the touch, increased inflammation, and spreading redness around the area. Among the more typical skin infections include boils, impetigo, and cellulitis. The bites are unpleasant and frequently require over-the-counter medication to cure the itching, despite the fact that they are inherently harmful.

Bed bug bites reaction you shouldn’t overlook


Typically, antibiotics can treat cellulitis. Even though they are uncommon, consequences can be severe and even fatal if the virus gets into the blood. Children who are extremely young, the elderly, or those immunocompromised are more likely to experience difficulties.


Impetigo is treatable, just like cellulitis, but if it’s not, it can develop into a life-threatening condition like persistent heart and kidney problems.


Boils have the potential to rupture and release the infection into the bloodstream if they group together or form deep under the skin (cellulitis) pockets. Bacterial bloodstream infections can result in organ failure, sepsis, coma, toxic shock syndrome, and ultimately death if they are not treated

What can I put on my body to prevent bed bug bites

The one sure way to prevent bed bug bites is to apply a bed bug repellent to your body before you sleep. Homemade bed bug repellents.

Here’s a list of our top bed bug repellent spray for skin we recommend:

All of the above repellents contain essential oils. You can read about essential oils here.


You now know that although bed bugs themselves do not cause death, bed bug bites can cause serious health problems that, if ignored, can result in death. Bed bugs are no laughing matter. It takes a lot of time and attention to detail to successfully get rid of them on your own.

It’s usually advisable to contact a qualified exterminator. This should truly be your first option because they have the knowledge, tools, and know-how to quickly eradicate your bed insect infestation.

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